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Brian Allen Sharp
Date of Birth
Age at Arrest
38 Years Old
Eyes Color
180 lbs
Arrest Date
Booking Date
Booking Number
Inmate Number
Arresting Agency
Kings county sheriff's office


Code Detail
B/W-F Bench Warrant Felony
10851(a) VC (F) Unlawful Taking/Driving Vehicle
459 PC (F) Burglary
667(b)(i) PC Enhancement of Prison Term-Prior Felony
667.5(b) PC Enhancement of Prison Term-New Felony
594(a) PC (F) Vandalism
B/W-M Bench Warrant Misd.
11550(a) H&S Under Influence Cont Substance
11364(a) HS Poss of Paraphernalia for Unlawful Use
148(a)(1) PC (M) Interfering with Police Ofcr
148(a)(1) PC (M) Interfering with Police Ofcr
459 PC (F) 1ST DEGREE Burglary:Felony 1st Degree

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